Cover Reveal!

My new book BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER, a follow-up to THE HOLE IN THE WORLD, will be available this summer! Dominique Wesson delivered perfect art once again, and I am so grateful to her for bringing this vision into existence.

Excerpt — Novi: Event Horizon

Ouch!Astrea had not realized that death would be this painful, with sharp pricks against her consciousness. She remained still, hoping the process of returning to the stars would pass quickly. She felt full, like her corporeal form would burst into particles.“Ouch!” This time she heard herself say it, felt herself flinch at the quick dagger... Continue Reading →

Those Two-Star Days

I've leveled up as an author. Today I received my first bad review. It's not to be unexpected. It's part of the game. Do bad reviews hurt? Yes. Am I upset about it? Not really. That wasn't always the case.

Have a Sneaky Peek!

I sent the final proofreading for interiors for Blood of the True Believer this morning, and I thought maybe you'd enjoy this little sneak peek: It's a great time to sign up for my newsletter, with more reveals and news in the pipeline just shortly. I like to give these things to my subscribers first!... Continue Reading →

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