Review — Ascension by David Combs

Ascension by David Combs I wanted to get this review posted sooner, but when you get head-down in the final stretch of a draft, it’s easy to lose track of time. Oops. What day is it again? Ascension by David Combs is a story of descendant Guardians (read: witches) whose power and duty is passed down to... Continue Reading →

Have a brief snippet from Blood of the True Believer (The Hole in the World Book 2), available now for preorder.

Still holiday shopping?

Books make excellent, lasting, and meaningful gifts! If someone on your list is a reader who enjoys young adult fantasy, The Hole in the World may be their new favorite! You can purchase it here on my website and get a personalized copy, or you can order from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, where you... Continue Reading →

My novel, The Hole in the World, is available now in paperback and eReader from your preferred place to get books! If they don’t have it on the shelf, ask if they’ll order it. Chances are their distributor has it! If you’re a library book person, consider asking for it at your local library. If you... Continue Reading →

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