The Dwelling of All Souls eBook now available!

The Dwelling of All Souls eBook is available for purchase right here on my website. If you don't use Kindle or don't want to go through Amazon to order, this is a great alternative, and all the profits go directly to me. Both MOBI and EPUB formats are available.

On sale now!

Photo of a box of paperback copies of The Dwelling of All Souls (The Hole in the World Book III) I have a very limited supply of signed paperbacks available for sale now. Hopefully I'll have ebooks for sale directly this month, but I need time to work the elaborate pipework that magically allows me... Continue Reading →

Character Profile—Da Quirke

Iskandar plays a much larger role in Kahrin and Innes' journey in BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER, and going forward into book three. I never expected to want to know him this well, but here we are.

WIP Excerpt

I had what I hope is a breakthrough for Book 3 of The Hole in the World. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, meet a new PoV character who's stepped up: Eldest Quirke sibling, Brecken.

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