New Review for The Hole in the World

What a great novel! It’s a new take on the magic that surrounds us. The characters are well written and the story definitely surprised me; I was not expecting the ending to go that direction. A delightful story!Katherine Chivers

The Hole in the World – Giveaway!

I decided to do a giveaway this December in hopes of building some following in the lead-up to launching my newsletter in January. I’m giving away: A signed copy of my debut novel, The Hole in the WorldA winter themed scented candleA selection of fun unicorn stickers from various Redbubble artists, including my awesome saltmate... Continue Reading →

Star Trails

Astrea opened her mouth to demand what for, when a fierce glow lit the sky with an intensity she could feel against her skin. "I don't think fighters are going to be enough," she murmured as her stomach rolled with dread.

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