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I had what I hope is a breakthrough for Book 3 of The Hole in the World. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, meet a new PoV character who's stepped up: Eldest Quirke sibling, Brecken.

Take it with a block of salt

I still think there's a lot to gain from something like an editing app. But, if I followed every suggestion it gave me, my writer's voice would be lost quickly. It does force me to at least think about the word choices in these areas, and I'm not too proud to admit that sometimes I could pick a tighter verb over the use of an adverb.


From my in-progress sequel to The Hole in the World: “My impatient daughter,” Da chided with his doting tone. “She could not wait to get to town to be born.” Kahrin rolled her eyes. He sure loved telling the story of how she was literally born in a barn, and thus prone to leaving doors... Continue Reading →


The water coalesced around the woman’s lower half, twirling into a spire and propping her to standing as if the eel-like whip of her body could function as legs. She hummed, the sound dreamy and quiet, except it ground like rusty cogs turning in Anna’s head. "Sound the Siren" -- Brandann R. Hill-Mann


To watch her stab the lime wedge with her straw as if it were purposeful action instead of an anxious habit, no one would ever guess she’d fallen off one heel as she missed the bar stool. She’d caught her balance and righted herself, still talking as if nothing at all had interrupted her warm... Continue Reading →

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