Day 8: Scatter

Another world I like to dabble in from time to time. In the parameters of the story in the modern time, Brandt is nearly an adult, having finally figured out what happened to her that winter day.

Day 4: Fuzzy

Today I learned that Instagram has a character limit! This will keep me reeled in, since I share the same piece all around for each day.

Day 3: Heal

If you like Kahrin and Innes, and want to see more of their friendship and shenanigans, buy The Hole in the World. If you purchase it here, I'll send you a signed copy!

Days 1&2: Enter, Hurt

Going to do a November 1-word prompt challenge. Might not get to it every day, but I'll make up for it where I'm able. The important part is that I get writing as often as possible and not let my skills rust. This month's challenge is by @mjvaughn1_author on Instagram.

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