Take it with a block of salt

I still think there's a lot to gain from something like an editing app. But, if I followed every suggestion it gave me, my writer's voice would be lost quickly. It does force me to at least think about the word choices in these areas, and I'm not too proud to admit that sometimes I could pick a tighter verb over the use of an adverb.

New Review for The Hole in the World

What a great novel! It’s a new take on the magic that surrounds us. The characters are well written and the story definitely surprised me; I was not expecting the ending to go that direction. A delightful story!Katherine Chivers

Still holiday shopping?

Books make excellent, lasting, and meaningful gifts! If someone on your list is a reader who enjoys young adult fantasy, The Hole in the World may be their new favorite! You can purchase it here on my website and get a personalized copy, or you can order from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, where you... Continue Reading →

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