In the Works!

For a person who has nothing to do, I sure am keeping busy. Something I'm excited about, even though it's in its infancy stages of planning, is to be collaborating with my lovely Jo-Jo Jo-Jo. We're returning to Beyond Possible Harm, which began as a play I wrote for a pitch at UHM in 2015.... Continue Reading →

I'm doing a giveaway over on Instagram. I'll be giving out three prizes this Friday. Go on over and check it out!

April Newsletter Tomorrow!

Hi all! If you like feeling special and part of an exclusive club, you might consider signing up for my newsletter. April is my birthday month, and because I am an Aries and love attention, I thought I'd celebrate with some goodies and sneak peeks for subscribers. You can still sign up! My newsletter is... Continue Reading →

Picture of Justice for attention: Let’s talk about hybrid presses and publishing.

People expect a good product for their money. We as authors expect to be compensated, we should be doing our best to make every cent spent on our work worth it. When we skimp and skip steps and put out unpolished work, it makes all of us look bad. It makes people hesitate to purchase an indie title over others, because they assume poor quality. They assume it goes straight from draft to publish, riddled with typos and excess prose. So many of us have amazing stories to tell. Why wouldn't we put the money and effort into putting it out there in the best way possible?

Virtual Edutainment

Social Distancing has meant a lot of school closures, which means a lot of parents and caregivers are finding themselves with an increased presence of children. Ew! Are we supposed to keep them in our house?

On Valuing the Mighty Beta Reader

With some totes scientific Twitter and Instagram polling, I was able to get a feeling of the climate of authors' expectations and opinions on paying beta readers. I've seen everything from "They're not professionals and deserve nothing," to "I always pay them x-amount," and everything in between. It seems there is no actual standard. Why is that?

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