Proof of Life Update

These past few months have been a blur. I've barely had a moment to breathe since the release of The Dwelling of All Souls. Hawai'i Opera Theatre's season hit in full force, with three shows and their annual Opera Ball falling almost back to back (to back to back). It wasn't a bad busy, though.... Continue Reading →

2021 Writing Redux

in 2021 i wrote a total of 311,191 words. two novels, the dwelling of all souls (74,201 and available january 4th) and no takebacks (54,421 in second draft that will be rewritten). i wrote seven short stories this year (16,329 total). none of them were accepted by publications, but most of them are available to... Continue Reading →

On Honesty in Book Reviews

Reviews, like so many other things, do not exist in a vacuum, and are not created equal. While bad reviews are part of the hustle, and a review should always be honest, there are reviews out there which are, for lack of a better word, simply unfair.

A Metric System

Older adults love to read Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult fiction. But are our critiques of these stories, which are not written for us, always fair?

Character Profile—Da Quirke

Iskandar plays a much larger role in Kahrin and Innes' journey in BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER, and going forward into book three. I never expected to want to know him this well, but here we are.

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