Of the Blood — Brandann R. Hill-Mann

Dana emerged from the reedy woods, shoes soaked, jeans muddy, and all that remained of James on her hands. Her heart still beat, and the air chilled her skin, but it felt like she'd never noticed them before. She would have thought she'd feel something. Anything. After what she'd seen, after what she did, all she felt was calm indifference. Because it didn't matter. James. Nika. All the people who never paid her any mind before. Why would she care? She wasn't one of them.

Trigger by Zom Barber

A fun twist on the classic robot uprising. Zom has a lot of fun work out that you should definitely check out on her site. The “great robot uprising” was as much of a joke as the electronics rights movement or the other political offshoots that had spawned when the socially inept identified with a... Continue Reading →

To Kiss a Toad — Brandann R. Hill-Mann

This story made the rounds until I decided I would publish it here. It's a fun story that I enjoyed writing after discovering a toad taking refuge in the cat shelter I'd put in our backyard. I named him Trevor, but for fairly obvious reasons, I changed it in the story. I hope you enjoy it!


The water coalesced around the woman’s lower half, twirling into a spire and propping her to standing as if the eel-like whip of her body could function as legs. She hummed, the sound dreamy and quiet, except it ground like rusty cogs turning in Anna’s head. "Sound the Siren" -- Brandann R. Hill-Mann


To watch her stab the lime wedge with her straw as if it were purposeful action instead of an anxious habit, no one would ever guess she’d fallen off one heel as she missed the bar stool. She’d caught her balance and righted herself, still talking as if nothing at all had interrupted her warm... Continue Reading →

Retired: Space Sharks — Brandann R. Hill-Mann

This story I wrote after reading a run of Thor: God of Thunder. During the course of this fun adventure of time travel, multiple versions of one self, and a lot of silliness to offset the grim events, Thor encounters sharks. In space. Just sharks in space, as one sees. I was so amused with the concept of a sea creature living in space as it would in the sea that my brain ran with the idea of old, long out of use naval vessels in a space setting. And thus was born "Space Sharks". I think it's by and far my favorite of my early stories. Maybe I'll get back to this world one day soon.

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