The Power of Consent

Like anything else, media can impact how we see ourselves, and I hope that some young reader might take away a positive idea of the importance of consent, not just in sex, but in all areas of their lives.

Virtual Edutainment

Social Distancing has meant a lot of school closures, which means a lot of parents and caregivers are finding themselves with an increased presence of children. Ew! Are we supposed to keep them in our house?

Take it with a block of salt

I still think there's a lot to gain from something like an editing app. But, if I followed every suggestion it gave me, my writer's voice would be lost quickly. It does force me to at least think about the word choices in these areas, and I'm not too proud to admit that sometimes I could pick a tighter verb over the use of an adverb.

Hey! Romance Writers!

Or people looking to write romance. I want to recommend Romancing the Beat, a great book that breaks down the ways that a romance plot differs from non-romance plots. If you use Scrivener, you can even download a romance template, FREE. DO YOU LIKE FREE THINGS? DO YOU?

“It removes you from the performance,” Wright says of puppetry. “Just ever so slightly, so that you’re aware of more than just your own body on stage… When you work on puppetry, I think that that entire experience of theater is really made explicit. It’s so sharply defined between what works and what doesn’t.”

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