The Power of Consent

Like anything else, media can impact how we see ourselves, and I hope that some young reader might take away a positive idea of the importance of consent, not just in sex, but in all areas of their lives.

Character Profile—Da Quirke

Iskandar plays a much larger role in Kahrin and Innes' journey in BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER, and going forward into book three. I never expected to want to know him this well, but here we are.

Portrait of the Author

It's not quite that deep, but a friend asked me to describe my life in nine pictures from my phone. Most of these are from my Instagram, in case anyone has the wacky notion that you need a little more of a peek into my braindump.

I love running gags and in-jokes, and I am often impressed when a piece of media manages to keep track of the little threads of them over time. One of my favorites is the Beetlejuice gag from Community, which took three seasons to pull off. Archer does a great job of not only tying them in over time, but making them circular within a single episode. It's a great challenge as a writer, and one I try to fit into my own writing whenever I can.

"In this update, the “shrew” doesn’t need to be tamed at all. She just needs to find someone who appreciates her the way she is—bare faced, dressed down, and righteously angry. Making both Kat and Patrick outsiders allows their relationship to feel like one between equals who bring out the best in each other as they let down their loner guards and engage in some actual vulnerability for once. In fact, 10 Things feels far more like a low-key hangout rom-com than it does a teen coming-of-age story."

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