The Hole in the World – Giveaway!

I decided to do a giveaway this December in hopes of building some following in the lead-up to launching my newsletter in January. I’m giving away: A signed copy of my debut novel, The Hole in the WorldA winter themed scented candleA selection of fun unicorn stickers from various Redbubble artists, including my awesome saltmate... Continue Reading →

Back to School

If I am completely honest, I'm terrified. I hate being the oldest person in the class. All my insecurities come to the fore when I'm in school. The commute slowly drains my life away. Really, I don't need a degree to do any of the work I do or want to do. I think it's the idea of finishing what I started that is needling me.

If you've enjoyed Bi Bi Bi, and would like to get in on the latest trends in salty auld wifeys giving dodgy advice, or just want to see our cranky mascot, Justice, on a sticker, give Claire's Redbubble store a try!

Piss or get off the pot, I guess?

Do you track your rejections? I do. I keep a log of them. A way to be able to look back and see that I’m actually doing something. I’ve been told countless times that rejections show you’re working, and I try to look at them in this positive light. I am curious how others track and/or use their rejections.

2018 in Review

I’m a huge fan of the to-done list. To-do’s are great, but sometimes we need to look at all the things we’ve already done when our to-do gets a little overwhelming and we want to beat ourselves up for failing to achieve a self-imposed benchmark.

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