Tutus and Toots

Boozhoo to you all from my kitchen table. That’s actually where I do most of my writing work, as my desk is tucked away in my bedroom and I don’t always like being cordoned off from my family while I write. I’m sitting here, less than a week before US Thanksgiving and looking at all the everything that seems to keep happening all the time.

You probably heard about The Thing on The Bird Site that is happening. Without getting into it too much, I’m still there for now, but I’m posting more often at Mastodon these days. You can find me there as @FeralKwe@universeodon.com. It was a little intimidating to set up, but now that I’m more settled in, I actually like the more chill atmosphere. It’s not The Bird Site, but part of me is starting to appreciate that.

My boys have their fourteenth birthday coming up this week, and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving. As a result we’ll be doing an extended celebration, but with just the five of us. It’s just not the right time to be planning parties for us.

Unless it’s a ghost hunting party. I’m playing a lot of Phasmophobia with my lovely co-Bis Imogen and Claire at twitch.tv/bibibigames. We’re mostly big scaredy cats, so you should come check us out if watching people play video games is your jam.

Next weekend I’ll be at the load-in for Ballet Hawai’i’s production of The Nutcracker. I’ll be working as Assistant Stage Manager on my first ballet. If you’re local to the area, you should come and check it out. If not, consider supporting your local ballet by seeing a production of The Nutcracker this season.

No Takebacks is in revision. I’m pleased with all the excellent beta feedback I got on it, and am doing my best to use what works for the story. It’s an intimidating book to write, but I believe the story is timely, and I can’t wait to get it into the world. I’m going to pitch it first to see if anything comes of it. If you’re an agent looking for a YA coming of age story with a side of romance featuring Jewish teenagers and an Ojibwe family, hit me up. I’d love to share my manuscript with you.

Finally, I just finished a project I am really excited about that has been quite the unique opportunity for me. I’ll be able to share more about it soon.

In the meantime, take care of you, and check back because with the Great Fall of The Bird Site, I will need to update this more.

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