2021 Writing Redux

in 2021 i wrote a total of 311,191 words.

two novels, the dwelling of all souls (74,201 and available january 4th) and no takebacks (54,421 in second draft that will be rewritten).

i wrote seven short stories this year (16,329 total). none of them were accepted by publications, but most of them are available to read for just $3 at my ko-fi page.

i churned out two monster-to-me fics this year, a hero’s lamentations and a champion’s expectations (166,231 total). ahl is almost finished, and ace is complete.

fave character: i love all my da babies, and had a lot of fun revisiting some old favorites this year. kahrin and innes naturally outshine the rest, as their fourth (and final) book is in drafting. i think i had the most fun getting to know mirei from a champion’s expectations, since she was brand new to me.

fave story: “the prey” which is a horror short and available on my ko-fi.

i also established my own press this year, maybe unicorns press, and while i am little and only me, i am proud that it is finally a thing and finally on the spine of one of my books.

2022 goals: finish a hero’s lamentations, revise a queen’s regrets, and write my witch hunt fic, in that order. i may or may not finish the hole in the world series, but i honestly want a break and may direct my attention to rewriting no takebacks.

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