A spiff, a spruce, and an update

And a pic of Freddie Meowcury for attention.

You might have noticed I tied some things up around here. I decided I needed a new color scheme to go with some new branding, but more on the branding another time. I have some announcements to make, but they’re not well planned just yet.

What is ready?

My newsletter will be going out again this month. I’ve made some adjustments, hopefully that people will like more, after researching around on other newsletters to see what seems to be successful. I’ve included media recs like before, but now I’m including my space opera serial, Novi: Event Horizon. I’ll be posting it for sponsors-only on my Ko-fi soon, where I have a lot of my other work, some free and some for subscribers, but I’ve decided to give it to newsletter subscribers two weeks early! You can sign up for my newsletter here, or at the Maybe Unicorns tab above.

Yes, I renamed it, too.

So what am I up to?

The Dwelling of All Souls is with an editor now. Cathy is amazing, has been following my work for years, and has edited several things for me in the past. I have every confidence that she’s going to help me make this book the best one I’ve released yet.

I’m also working on finishing up the first arc of N:EH. I have a clear end point in mind, and a plan for another arc beyond it, and I think it’s made the story stronger. I’ve drafted (a very very very rough draft) of a novelization of my play No Takebacks, and I’m excited about the way novelizing it has opened up the story and furthered the characters. I’m also editing Book 4, and this will be the final in The Hole in the World.

Beyond that, I’m still doing the short story hustle. Doing a Bradbury challenge has helped me get a new crop of stories out and ready to be submitted for consideration. I highly recommend it.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter! I promise it’ll be worth letting me into your inbox!


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