Just a Girl, a Glitter Pen, and Her Manuscript

Printed, spiral bound manuscript of The Dwelling of All Souls with a red Mildliner and red glitter gel pen.

My head is down a lot these days. I have creative energy in spades and all I want to do is write or work. Which doesn’t sound so bad until I get cranky when I can’t find anything to work on or I need to do petty things like sleep.

The Dwelling of All Souls is back from beta readers. The next step is to get up close and cuddly with the manuscript. I like to do this part with red glitter pen because I need a little joy.

This book is so far removed from where it started. It’s gone in a direction I didn’t originally plan, even from the onset of The Hole in the World. It’s already almost longer than the first two books combined, and I feel really proud of some of the work I’ve done. I can tell I’ve improved as a writer, and with as positive the reception to Blood of the True Believer was, I feel good that DoAS will be at least as well enjoyed. The beta feedback was largely positive, and the critique was all solid, useful stuff. Which is good because no one wants useless beta feedback. I almost never disagree with things they suggest.

I’ve started doing the Bradbury challenge with some friends, and it’s really upped my short story production. Even if a few of the pieces are hard to place, I’m still finding it works as new material for supporters on my Ko-fi (which you should check out as I have some never-before-published stories there now). I’m hoping people enjoy them, because I sure am having fun writing them!

It’s my birthday this week (YAY ARIES BABIES!) and my husband is taking me to a beach cabin near us for a few days so I can just soak some sun, sea, and words. Weirdly, my need to recharge with ‘tween twins in our house is increased.

I have a big announcement to make soon. Scarily big, for me anyway. But exciting!

And one more goody if you’ve made it this far: Some character art for The Dwelling of All Souls by my friend Claire Faas.

ISN’T THIS GORGEOUS? If you only support a few people on Ko-fi or Patreon, make one of them Claire. She does amazing work. I’m hoping to snag her for a few more pieces closer to release, and maybe a preorder or street-team exclusive.

That’s all I’ve got. Be well, folks.

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