Character Inspo — Kahrin Quirke

“She waited by the corner at the cafe, her car tucked into the pay lot again. She’d not asked exactly how old André was, but she was pretty sure it was in the realm of over thirty, and she wasn’t going to risk questions from Da. Not yet. If this was just a one-off, there was no need to endure a lecture. And if it wasn’t? No. She wasn’t ready to think about that. She wasn’t even sure she wanted more as an option. Twenty was hardly time for settling down, and Kahrin quite liked the unknown parts of her life right now. At the moment, her romantic adventures still qualified.”

Blood of the True Believer (The Hole in the World, Book 2)

I insist that we make book girlfriends as much a thing as book boyfriends. Kahrin may not be in it for the long haul, but you will never be bored in her company.

Apologies once again to the models and actresses who I hold up to meet the ideal of someone in my head, knowing they will never live up.

Do you have book girlfriends? I want to know EVERYTHING!

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