Review — Take Off Your Pants by Libby Hawker

Take Off Your Pants by Libby Hawker

Look, I asked my friends to talk me out of doing a book lay for Libby Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants with my underpants, and not one of those monsters would do it. “Live your underpants dreams, B!” said they.

So, I did.

Great craft book. Reads quick! Essentially Hawker walks you through her fastidious outlining method that she uses to make her writing productivity higher in a sound argument for giving up your pantsing ways. I found it interesting, and some of it helpful for organizing story and character arcs.

Will it help me write six books a year? I doubt it, but it’s worth a try to see if it helps me get through my next one more smoothly.

For those of you who use Plottr, you might recognize this as a name of a template included with it. The book helped me understand how to make good use of that specific template in the same way Romancing the Beat does with that template.

I gave it four stars. I wanted a more granular look at a few points, but that is not really something I think is possible because storytelling is so individual and subjective.

Have you read this one? Are you a pantser? Are you willing to take your pants off and give it a try?

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