Character Inspo — Innes Cameron

“But! No hero let something so pedestrian as a chill stop him from his duties! If breakfast was to be made (and edible), then he needed to soldier on. Bravely, he threw the blankets aside and braced to put his feet on the floor. The yelp he made was less dignified than the manly adventurers in the stories would ever be caught letting, but no one was here other than Kahrin to witness it.”

Blood of the True Believer (The Hole in the World, Book 2)

It really is unfair to male models for me to try and use their likeness to emulate Innes. They just can’t compare. They’re not meant to. And I am but a lowly human attempting to convey his perfection.

Meet and fall in love with Innes in The Hole in the World series. Books 1 & 2 are available wherever you buy books, with ebook and signed paperbacks available here.

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