ARC Review – If the Broom Fits by Sarah Sutton

Did you know that Halloween Romance was a thing? Every year I am bombarded with Christmas Romance (not that I am complaining too much!), but I’ve not stumbled into a wide array of Halloween-themed ones. I am sure If the Broom Fits is not the first one of its kind, but it’s the first one that ran across my RADAR, and from an author whose stories I already trust to be great.

Sarah Sutton has, once again, hit us up with a sweet YA Romance, just in time for Halloween, with characters who are easy to love. Her heroines are always believably flawed, and Blaire is no exception. She’s got a grudge against Halloween in a town that adores it. Instead of talking about it, she buries it deep inside and lashes out at everyone who loves her. Following her journey to realizing the consequences of this choice is both heartfelt and encouraging. Maybe we can come back from self-destructive spirals, and maybe the end of something isn’t always the worst thing in the world.

Sutton writes ‘clean’ romance, if that is something you prefer. For those of you who don’t specifically seek that out, don’t worry: all the beats are there. There is nothing lacking in dynamic or tension. I appreciate that Sutton never veers into an area of shaming characters for their sexual choices.

If you want a fun, seasonal romance, do go get yourself a copy of If the Broom Fits. Maybe check out her other great books, too.

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