ARC Reviews!

The ARC reviews for Blood of the True Believer are starting to trickle in, with release day ONLY NINE DAYS AWAY! Can you tell I’m excited?

This one is from C.L. Walters, a fabulous author of contemporary YA romance.

“Her characters are wonderfully written. The action, the dialogue, the mannerisms are on point, so when diving back into Innes’s and Kahrin’s worlds after A Hole in the World, I was looking forward to seeing what new scrap they would get themselves into and out of.” — C.L. Walters

If you’d like to see her full review, you can read it on Goodreads. You should check out her books, too!

Blood of the True Believer is available for preorder and launches August 15th. You can read the first two chapters for free!

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