Have a brief snippet from Blood of the True Believer (The Hole in the World Book 2), available now for preorder.

He flipped the box open as they rooted around what he’d hastily snatched up before leaving the party. Something with crostini, a few little puffs with various whipped fillings of substances that probably should not be whipped.

“Ew. What’s that?” Kahrin asked, pointing at speckles of red on a bed of creamy spread atop a slice of cucumber.

“Roe, I’m pretty sure.” He offered it to her and she recoiled as if he’d brought her raisins.

“That came out of a fish’s butt.” She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “I’m not eating that.”

“I think this white part is fish sperm, actually.” “That’s not better!”

BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER ©2020 b.r.hill-mann

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