WIP Excerpt

I had what I hope is a breakthrough for Book 3 of The Hole in the World. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, meet a new PoV character who’s stepped up: Eldest Quirke sibling, Brecken.

“What were you doing that I couldn’t get ahold of you.” He could have left it there, but that was not his strong suit. “Never mind. I actually know. We all know.” He waved his hands around the room, taking a measure of satisfaction at Innes’ blanching face.

“Brecken Conall Quirke!”

He winced, not being middle-named by Ma in quite sometime. In fact, she only pulled out Conall when he crossed a line. “What? Tell me I’m wrong.”

“You’re—” Kahrin stammered, another sickening point of satisfaction for the eldest Quirke sibling, “that’s none of your business!”

Alec said, “C’mon Breck, that’s offside.”

“Over whose blue line?” While Alec, the middle of them, was ever the mediator, his attempt only further riled Brecken. Oh, he wasn’t wrong, and neither was she, but that didn’t matter right now. Da was sick, Ma was hurting, and Kahrin should have been here with them already. “What could possibly be more important than your family, especially around your birthday? Oh, I know,” and here was his killing blow, “poor little Orphan Innes needs someone to love him.”

The Dwelling of All Souls ©2020 b.r. hill-mann

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