Thick fog hung over everything. Eerie and heavy, and so dense it seemed to dampen all sound. As she stepped out the door, it scattered out of her way, gauzy fabric being torn apart by her very presence. Testing, she stretched an arm in front of herself and watched it shatter into shreds. This was no natural fog. Which sounded ridiculous. If it was a magic fog, she wouldn’t even be able to see it, would she? Wasn’t that how it worked? She couldn’t see or be seen by magic? If the cold hadn’t brought her outside, her curiosity would have. Something was happening.

She turned her head, peeking inside the cabin once more, her eyes moving in the direction of the bedroom. She should go get Innes. Whatever was going on, she shouldn’t be doing this herself. Besides, he knew more about this magic stuff than she did. She turned on her toes to go back inside.


She paused mid-step, freezing in place. She knew that voice. This was not good. Not good at all. “Kahrin? Where are you?”

Blood of the True Believer ©2020 b.r.hill-mann

Out August 15th. Available to preorder!

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