Join my Street Team!

You might be asking: B! What’s a Street Team?

I am so happy I pretended you asked!

Street teams began in the music industry with on-the-ground enthusiasts spreading word of music they were excited about.

This is similar! I’m looking for volunteers who would be willing to help get people excited about BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER (and future releases) through word of mouth.

You might ask: B! What’s in it for me?

Another great question I am pretending you asked!

My Street Team will not only be fellow book lovers who are avid fantasy readers who want to be involved in book club style virtual gatherings, but also be privy to advanced previews, WiPs, and maybe even some swag. Street Team members will also be first considered for ARC reading!

If you’re interested, you can apply here.

I will be announcing my team members on July 1st, though there will still be opportunities to join after.

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