Everything Normal is New Again

When you have work to do but you still want to water your friends’ flowers.

I moved my office space over the weekend. I had been preparing our spare room to be a combo guest room/office, since neither space sees full time usage when life dropped in my lap and now we need the space again. My twin nephews are coming to stay with us for a bit, and we want to give them room to stretch out while they’re here. What’s one more life-altering change right now, huh? We were fixing up the room anyhow, now we’re just fixing it up with different bedsheets.

I had the honor of planning a virtual wedding for my dear friend and her new husband. Stage manager skills translate in so many ways I did not consider until 2020 smacked us all upside the head. Now I have funeral and wedding coordinator to add to my LinkedIn I guess. Doing a wedding for 100+ people over Zoom was not something I expected to do, but I sure did enjoy it enough that I would consider doing it again. And people say a theatre degree isn’t going to get you work! Joke’s on them, as this is an amazing time for performing arts, as we’re seeing a call for connections through them as we’ve long forgotten we needed. So, call me for your next virtual event, I guess?

New office means new organization and so far I’m fairly happy with what I’ve set up for myself. With BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER at print, I’m gearing up for a book launch, planning promo, and trying to keep track of the myriad projects I’ve got my fingers in. So, I thought I’d give a KanBan board a try.

I love a good organization project!

I want to see if the method works for me before I invest in any larger setup, and I had some large Post-its leftover from my last semester at UHM. A little washi tape and I should be good to go! Waste not, want not! If it works I’ll come up with something more fun and attractive. For now, this will do.

I’m playing MMORPG again. Okay, you got me. I’m playing Animal Crossing with a group of community members from the Bi Bi Bi Podcast, and we’ve developed a flourishing inter-island economy built upon growing flowers. The combo of online play plus Discord voice chat is rather comforting right now, and offers a bit of human interaction that we’ve all needed. If you enjoy our podcast and like watering flowers, join us on our Discord (at the link).

As far as my next book baby goes, I’m amazed at how much more I know now than I did with THE HOLE IN THE WORLD. Some of that is experience, but a lot of it is the amazing community of indie authors I’ve been lucky to engage with on Instagram. I feel so much more confidence, and yet an August release does not seem very far away.

Be on the lookout for some book reviews this month. I’ve started reading THE RAVEN CYCLE series and I’m already on book 2, THE DREAM THIEVES. I’m really digging into other books in my genre and I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to get to this series. You can follow me on Goodreads if you’d like to see what I’m reading and reviewing. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for more in-depth thoughts on what I’m reading, watching, and listening to, as well as book and project updates.

Speaking of Goodreads, you can add BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER to your TBR now! Keep an eye out for details about the summer release.

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