Character Profile – Yelena

Yelena is a character from THE HOLE IN THE WORLD. She started as a rando side in my character roster, and fell easily into place for this story.

Kahrin and Innes meet Yelena when they nearly hit her with their car. Terrified and disoriented, Yelena can’t remember anything, except that someone was after her.

The BF5 duo is not sure what to make of Yelena. Her emotions swing from torrential sadness to fits of seemingly irrational distress. She even seems scared of her brother, Evan. Innes is sure he knows what ails her. Kahrin less so. Yelena tests the bonds of trust between the pair in a way it never has been.

You can read about Yelena’s impact on Innes and Kahrin’s story in THE HOLE IN THE WORLD, available for purchase wherever books are sold, and right here on this website!

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