Character Profile – Innes Cameron

Innes Cameron is one of the two main and PoV characters from THE HOLE IN THE WORLD series. Innes began as the magnificent brain child of the lovely friend to whom THE HOLE IN THE WORLD is dedicated. She graciously allowed me to include a version of him in my worlds, for which I am forever grateful. He’s evolved into someone unique to me, but I have always endeavored to keep the elements of him that made me (and Kahrin) love him.

Where Kahrin is a summer storm, often chaotic, volatile, and unpredictable in path and pattern, Innes is the calm eye. He’s solid, strong, and clear in his wants, needs, and intentions. He’s good at keeping his head in a crisis.

Innes is a dreamer. He believes fairy tales are more than just stories. He believes there is magic in the world that shapes his life. He’s earnest in that belief, which is one of my favorite qualities of his.

He’s passionate in all he takes on, from the studies he hopes will get him out of small town life where everyone knows him to the friendships he gives himself to. He loves openly and with all his heart and is not shy about giving physically as well.

He’s well-read, hard-working, and ambitious. He’s also compassionate and maybe the manifestation of non-toxic masculinity.

More than anything he wants to prove himself on his own terms. He longs to be a hero, and hopes to one day find that hapless maiden he (thinks he) wants to spend his life with in a quiet, mutual happily ever after.

Somehow that quiet life never seems to be what actually catches his attention.

He guards his privacy fiercely. Sometimes that conflicts with the way his best friend lives out loud, but he loves her flaws as much as the rest of her, and knows beyond doubt that is reciprocated.

What characters have informed and influenced your own MC(s)? You can buy THE HOLE IN THE WORLD from the links above, and fall in love with Innes before the release of BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER.

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