Character Profile – Kahrin Quirke

Kahrin Quirke is one of the two main and PoV characters from THE HOLE IN THE WORLD SERIES. She’s the most defined and complex character in my arsenal of OCs. She’s the skeptic of the pair, needing to see something to believe in it, which makes her life interesting, to say the least.

Kahrin is a study in contradiction. She acts like she needs no one, yet needs regular reassurance that she is loved. She presents herself as tough, and defies the world to tell her otherwise, but she has doubts and vulnerabilities she needs those close to her to see, sometimes without her telling them.

Kahrin was raised in a family flowing over with love, yet finds it the most difficult thing to admit to and confess.

Her love language is very physical. She’s as likely to throw a punch in defense of a loved one as she is to share hugs or kisses (or more). She doesn’t sit still, fearing stagnation, as if moving is all that keeps her alive.

What I love most about her is her tenacity. If she falls down six times, she is going to get up seven. She’s (mostly) unafraid to be her authentic self, even if you don’t like that.

She is definitely Daddy’s Girl, even when it frustrates her that he keeps his past so guarded from the family, including her Native heritage.

Kahrin struggles with a lack of self-object-permanence, which can result in some over-the-top antics meant to seal her in your mind. As if her best friend Innes—most often dragged into her shenaniganery—could forget her.

What MC is the strongest in your mind in your cast of original characters?

You can buy THE HOLE IN THE WORLD at the links above, and catch up on Kahrin’s story before the release of BLOOD OF THE TRUE BELIEVER.

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