Happy Uterine Bastille Day to Scarleteen Founder Heather Corinna!

I have a soft spot and wicked appreciation for Scarleteen and the amazing work they do for so many teens and young adults. Judgment-free, no-nonsense, science and reality-based sexual education with a full range of resources for people of all genders and sexualities.

Founder Heather Corrinna is turning fifty today, and to celebrate, they are asking you to consider donating to this amazing organization to help it stay afloat and keep doing what they’ve been the best at doing for over 20 years.

And here’s a reminder that if you subscribe to my serial Novi: Event Horizon at Channillo, the proceeds will go directly to Scarleteen.

Happy Birthday, Heather! You’re an amazing human doing amazing work, and I’m happy you’re here for me to get to know.

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