In the Works!

For a person who has nothing to do, I sure am keeping busy. Something I’m excited about, even though it’s in its infancy stages of planning, is to be collaborating with my lovely Jo-Jo Jo-Jo. We’re returning to Beyond Possible Harm, which began as a play I wrote for a pitch at UHM in 2015. It never went to production, but that doesn’t mean it lacks potential to get out there.

Like Novi: Event Horizon, it’s another one that I’ve looked at doing in multiple formats, and if you ask me I think we hit the danged sweet spot with this one. Times they may be a-rough right now, but has my creative energy ever been at top speed. It’s probably part of my fight/flight/freeze or fawn response. Regardless, we’re furiously planning, which gives us a reason to talk more often.

I’ll update on this as I know more. Might be a good reason to sign up for my newsletter, where I like to give advanced, insider info on what’s coming up.

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