WiP — The Dwelling of All Souls

What do you do when book two is almost to print? Work on book three! Have a snippet from the first draft of chapter four:


“Hm?” Innes leaned over to see what had provoked that response. Could have been anything, from oatmeal-raisin cookies to an open and gutted corpse in a horror movie. This one was less clear. “Is that Seth Fisher?”

“One and the same.” Her nose wrinkled at the mention of a would-be high school sweetheart. “I guess that’s his wife in the squeeze chute?”

Wait, what? He looked again, certain he’d heard her wrong, or that this was more of her Kahrin-specific hyperbolia. It could have gone either way, and he was sorry to find out it was neither. “Is that a… baby announcement?”

“Ew,” she drew out longer. “Yes.” The woman in the picture was pinned inside the contraption meant for holding animals still for certain procedures, her head out the front, a grin on her face. Beside her stood one Seth Fisher, who had once had eyes for no one but Kahrin, proudly displaying a sign that read “SUCCESS” in large printed letters. “I can’t believe I cried over him.”

©2020 b.r. hill-mann

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