And that’s a wrap!

Well, almost.

All my editing notes have gone to their home.

My major edits for Blood of the True Believer are finished! The Post-its are all crumpled in their little bin and ready to be a fond(ish) memory as I move forward. I’ll put it away for the weekend, and give it another read, maybe with the read-aloud feature in Word. I’ve never used it, so that will be a fun experiment.

Wow am I anxious about some of the things I did with this book.

From here there’s only formatting and small copy edits to make. Cover design is underway, and I’m planning some swag for preorders whenever we set the release date. I’m still toying around with ideas on that.

This weekend I am going to (finally) get to painting my office. I’m impatient to get this room spruced up to the way I like it. I also have a secret project I’m working on exclusively for patrons of Bi Bi Bi. If it goes well I may try to do something similar for my own Patreon. Both of which you should totally join.

For now, I’m going to go pamper myself a little. Have a great weekend!

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