Here’s a pic of Freddie Meowcury for attention.

You ever feel like the world is just bent on working against you and your success/happiness? I’m starting to feel that way right now, with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting everything down just as I was getting into a really productive routine with a solid work/life balance. I’ll be fine, likely. All things considered, I’m healthy. My husband is a government employee. It’s not me I’m really worried about; there are a lot of people out there not as well-off as we are, and who are far more vulnerable in many ways. I’m hoping for the best, and doing my part to keep calm and help where I am able.

We’re almost out of toilet paper in our house, but I think there’s some coffee filters under my sink. Take THAT, doomsday hoarders!


Blood of the True Believer is moving along. Developmental edits went back to my publisher this week, and we have an appointment to discuss them this Sunday, and see if there are anymore changes to be made. I’m really excited, and more than a little nervous about this one. I’m taking risks. None that I’m ashamed of or embarrassed about, but they’re there and it’ll be interesting to see what readers think of it. Hopefully people will enjoy this continuation of Kahrin and Innes’ stories. Now that it’s my second time through this, I am thinking of doing some posts about the process, but there are so many HERE’S HOW TO PUBLISH articles and blogs out there that I wonder if there’s anything fresh for me to talk about.

If you’d like to know more about my upcoming projects and even some goodies I have in store in the coming months, consider subscribing to my newsletter. I’m hoping to do another giveaway in April for my birthday, and you’ll want to see the details as soon as they’re available.

If you do want to see me talk more about anything involved in the publishing process as I have experienced it, let me know in comments.

If you’ve read The Hole in the World, please rate and review it on Amazon and Goodreads, or other places where people look for book recs. Reviews don’t have to be long, even a “I really liked it!” will do, but I do appreciate specifics and honesty. If you haven’t, I still have many copies available to sign and sell, and it’s on sale for over half off on Amazon. If you’re a Canadian eReader, you can also find it on Kobo.

Take care of you, folks, and remember to wash your hands and don’t put hand sanitizer-soaked things in the dryer or oven.

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