Will anything ever be routine again?

My Nana and Papa, around 1954, and a cute dog.

I’m home.

My trip to Da Yoop was emotionally taxing and personally exhausting, but it was inarguably a good trip. I don’t really know if anything will ever feel right or normal or routine again with Papa gone, but I am taking life a day at a time.

My newsletter went out today. If you want to be in an exclusive group of rad people, you can subscribe to it here. I promise not to bore you. Probably.

From here I am just working on my various projects, including Novi: Event Horizon, and my next novel, Blood of the True Believer. Now that I’m back, Bi Bi Bi is recording again. We have a new seasonal format, a new episode live, and one in the hopper. Support us, because we would love to be able to do things like provide transcripts of episodes, which are not financially feasible right now. We’ll try to get you some laughs and special goodies that make it worth it.

I’m going to be catching up on marketing, following up on appointments, and returning emails and calls on gigs offered by people who (hopefully) want to hire me. Hopefully I’ll be updating here more frequently.

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