Here’s a WIP from my sequel to The Hole in the World:

“How far has it been?” he asked as he sucked in an ice cold breath and lengthened his stride to catch up. “It has to have been, I don’t know, ten miles.”
“Not yet two,” she called over her shoulder. And then, because his best friend was a jerk, she turned about and jogged backwards just in front of him.
“It feels like ten.” Likely it would feel like more, later. He wasn’t even out of shape!
She turned around again, slowing to run at his side. And how long would that last? He could see her practically vibrating to move faster. “Now you know why I said we’d eat after a run. What if your stomach was full of toast and eggs? Do you know how bad that tastes the second time?”
That was not helping. Not even a little.

©B.R. Hill-Mann 2020

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