Book Review: The Letters She Left Behind by C.L. Walters

I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of the re-release of C.L. Walters’ adult romance story, The Letters She Left Behind. Walters is an indie author local to me, and a new friend from my local writing group. She’s lived here on O’ahu many years with her family, and is what you might call a true sweetie.

The Letters She Left Behind to me, is more a mystery or light suspense. The beats of the romance structure are there and certainly take the lead, but the plot takes a turn in the first few chapters, leaving the rest to be woven with a murder mystery that propels the remainder of the story. The MCs, Adam and Alex, are forced to work together to solve a puzzle which Megan (Adam’s wife, and Alex’ best friend) left for them in a series of journals and letters when she passed away from cancer.

If you want to read my full review, it’s here on Goodreads. Walters also wrote a YA trilogy, the Cantos Chronicles including Swimming Sideways, The Ugly Truth, and The Bones of Who We Are. Keep an eye on her!

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