Day 20: Sting

Seth Fisher deserved the telling off he was given and no one would convince Kahrin otherwise. He’d called her a little much. A little much? She had half a mind to show him what a little much looked like. Innes had talked her down from that one, reminding her that not every problem was one she needed to fight her way out of.

Sometimes she hated when he was right, and he was absolutely right about this.

“I’m fifteen,” she delivered as if her age had remained a mystery to him over the more than five years of their friendship.

“You’re fifteen.”

“Fifteen year olds don’t talk about future stuff like getting married.”

“Apparently some do.”

“Apparently.” She grunted and flopped backward in the grass, watching the lightning bugs spiral around them. Was life easier with a butt that could glow on command? “Whatever, he was dumb anyhow.”

“It’s okay that you liked him,” Innes said gently. Weird how he was so good at saying things she did not want to hear in ways she did not mind hearing it. “And it’s okay if his rejecting you hurts.”

“I’m not hurt.” Her eyes flitted to meet his brown ones. She couldn’t lie to Innes, and knew better than to try. “Fine. I liked him. It hurt.” She huffed. “That doesn’t mean I wanted his stupid babies.” She shrugged. “Or any babies. I mean, have you met one?”

“Not formally.” Oh, he thought he was funny. She swatted at him but he caught her hand and clasped it. The familiar warmth helped to ease the bruise on her heart. “It’s his loss, you know.”

She smiled. “It is. I’m amazing.”

“You are.” He winked and they returned their gaze to the stars. When he was right, he was right.

©b.r. hill-mann 2019

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