Hey, B, where you been?

Thank you for asking!

You might remember I mentioned that I was going back to school some months ago. Back to school I did go! You know? It wasn’t as bad as I dreaded. My classes range from “tolerable” to “I wish I had more time to devote to this,” and despite my best efforts, I’ve even learned a thing or so. In October I stage managed the Fall Footholds dance concert at UH Manoa, something I did not realize I missed until I rolled into tech week.

Tech makes me feel like a god. Nothing wrong with that.

You might have heard a rumor that my novel, The Hole in the World released! Finally seeing it go out to readers is amazing, and has made me wish I had more time to devote to enjoying this part of the process. I am so grateful to Atmosphere Press for taking a chance on me.

The long and short of everything is that the final countdown is here. I have the due date for all of my remaining assignments, including the research paper based on the photo up top! I can see all the remaining days of school on one page of my laptop calendar. My cap, gown, and announcements (YES I DID!) have been ordered, and if I can find my DD-214, I’ll go pick up my veteran’s cords too.

In the meantime, I’m here, trying to keep daily (or near to it) content so you don’t all flee. Balancing school with learning the ins and outs of marketing myself and my book and doing the occasional prompt to keep my brain going has been challenging, but worth it. I have a stack of to-read indie novels to read and review, edits to make to my next book, and a drive to continue working on Novi: Event Horizon (a new title going forward) in little shorts for you all. I’d also like to put together a newsletter, as if I have anything interesting to say. Most of it will have to wait until after graduation, but that’s what’s in the pipeline. So, stand by!

I tried to tell myself that I didn’t need the degree to be satisfied, but now that I’m almost there, I know that was a pretty lie I was telling myself.

So, that’s all for now! If you like, you can follow me on Instagram where I post questions, prompts, and am going to delve into the kiddie pool of short videos. Remember to take care of you!

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