Day 7: Sweet

7: sweet

“It works! I swear!” Innes held up the small covered dish which held the chunk of honeycomb her Ma had brought in when she came back from checking the bees.

Kahrin gave her best friend a skeptical look, not because she did not believe him. Of course she did! No, it was something far more nefarious. Some dastardly ploy she’d not yet sussed out. It didn’t happen that she couldn’t predict what he was about to do. That’s how she wound up with the hickey that barely stayed hidden beneath the collar of her tee shirt.

“You’ve dirty in your eyes, Pretty Mouth.” His only response was an innocent shrug. As if! But, curiosity killed the cat, and the cat was definitely named Kahrin. “But okay, show me how honey heals bruises.”

An impish gleam in his eye, he dabbed a a bit over the empurpled skin, and before she could ask how that would help, he leaned in, and kissed it from the skin, ending in a nip. “Okay, maybe it doesn’t heal right away.”

She was going to need a higher collar.

©️b.r. hill-mann 2019

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