Happy Tech Week!

Ain’t no party like a stage manager party because a stage manager party is called tech and it’s mandatory.

The more shows I work, the more I learn how utterly wacky I am for my deep and abiding love of Tech Week. Honestly, it’s my favorite part, even the parts where I’m still learning cues and tripping over them. It’s like a big ol’ production party, and I’m the Guest of Honor. Learning cues always comes back to me faster than I think it will, and I really enjoy seeing how all the parts come together.

Dance concerts are especially fun. They’re like running ten or so mini-shows at a time. There’s honestly so much to learn so fast that there’s never a dull moment, and the simmering chaos just adds to it. It’s the fun of all the gritty parts that the audience won’t (or shouldn’t) see. Ultimately, I think it’s worth the lack of sleep.

(I can’t wait until I can do it without having to balance homework. You know, like having one job instead of three?)

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