Back to School

I told myself that I’d made peace with my decision not to finish my degree some time ago. It wasn’t worth the hassle, too much had changed in the short time I’d been away, and there always seemed to be one roadblock or another. Besides, my novel is about to be published, I’m feeling confident in my writing, and I’m finally getting the hang of this short story thing.

But then my husband bribed me (in part by promising a new dishwasher if I went back), and I am a sucker for a good bribe). A dear friend kept pushing me. I also got a random email from an office offering me help to come back to the school to finish. I reached out to her, and within two hours, she had all my roadblocks cleared, and I was registered for all the classes I need.

So! I’m going back to school!

My friend and husband are correct: As much as I dread doing this, I am going to forever beat myself up if I don’t just do it. I need three specific classes, and I got all three of them. The VA is letting me round out because I’m in my last semester, so I got one that sounds interesting as well. I’ve ordered my books, organised my supplies, and even made myself a bullet journal just for school. Well, that part wasn’t necessary, but it sure was fun.

If I am completely honest, I’m terrified. I hate being the oldest person in the class. All my insecurities come to the fore when I’m in school. The commute slowly drains my life away. Really, I don’t need a degree to do any of the work I do or want to do. I think it’s the idea of finishing what I started that is needling me.

I have what feels like an ambitious editing schedule for my second book, now that I am awaiting the arrival of the proof copy of the first one. I have a story being published at Anathema Magazine this upcoming week. It feels like a good time to take a little pause.

Plus, it’ll feel good to graduate before Kidspawn does, even if only by a semester.

I’ll try to keep things updated here (let’s be real, I love an audience), so don’t abandon me! Or do, if you want–I’m not your mom.

Oh! Here’s a pic of our latest fur baby, Lucipurr (Luci!), for those of you who made it to the end!

A picture of a young black cat lying on a blue mottled rug, staring into the camera with green eyes.

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