You too could write a summary!

Just when I thought writing a summary couldn’t get worse, I discovered that a one paragraph novel synopsis is a thing. Thanks to my dear friend, Imogen, I now know that I should have three different types of synopses prepared: The full page summary, the one line summary (ie: your elevator pitch), and this, the one paragraph summary). 

I did not think I could condense my whole darling precious baby of a novel into under 400 words (the limit I am given for query, bio, and synopsis). Yet, here I am, sitting at 130 words that I feel pretty good about!

This example by “The Snowflake Guy”, using Star Wars: A New Hope, a story I am very familiar with, helped me tremendously. I thought I’d pass it on to anyone who also struggles with writing synopses. Which, judging by my Google results, is pretty much every storywriter ever.

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