So, now what?

Editing? Done! Revising? Done! Would you look at that? I have a finished manuscript!

Binder stylized to look like an old fashioned book cover entitled "The Hole in the World".
Would’ya lookit that!

I treated myself to a fun, old-timey looking binder so that it would look neat-o on my shelf with my other finished works. You know. The plethora I have. Okay, there’s one other finished project on the shelf, my unproduced play.

I don’t even know where to begin describing the feelings I have about this. Everything from the inspiration for it to the little letdown at the end of editing where I felt bummed that I didn’t feel, well, more. Which is silly, of course. A lot of people say they want to write a book, and a good number of those set out to do it. I am very proud of myself for being among the small percentage who actually did it.

Unfortunately, the next step, the query process, is very confusing to me. So, I’m going to take time to walk through it. I cannot imagine it’s any easier than the short story market, which I already find brutal. But! I don’t care! I wrote an entire book. I found a place for my most special snowflake character of all time. I’m not going to let anyone or anything take that from me.

On the upside! NaNoWriMo 2018 slid in about a week after I finished, and I committed to it this year. One thing that always plagues me when I succeed at something is the idea that it was a fluke and that I may never be able to do it again. Committing to NaNo helped me keep my forward momentum. And, look at this:

National Novel Writing Month official wordcount screencap showing 8,010 words written.

I’m 8K words in already! 

If you’re participating this year, consider hitting me up as a buddy for the mutual moral support!

Bi Bi Bi just recorded our 20th episode! It was a really great one, in my completely unbiased opinion, and I’ve never been more happy that we decided to do this than I am this moment. Claire and Imogen are fantastic to work with, and every session feels like a phone chat.

My reading endeavors are much slower, both in reading and audio. I did finish Sharp Objects and Broken Things, both of which I recommend (the latter if you want a mystery thriller that is less intense). I’m still reading Zom Barber‘s book Unlucky. It’s my pre-bedtime book, so I’m only managing about 20-30 minute bursts, but as I’m really into unicorn stories right now, I’m finding it quite fun, and a little outside the box for your standard fantasy fare. I recommend it! I also started The Golem and the Jinni in audio, for a look at folklore and mythology that are new and different to me.

And, finally, a shot of my Personal Assistant, Justice, who has been nothing short of helpful this entire process. I swear.

Photo of a white and orange cat sitting on a notebook making a very unamused face.
Justice is helping. Really.

Until next time! And if you’re in the U.S., please go vote!

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