Forward and Back Again

This week has been… a week

Not all of it bad. Not all of it particularly good. All of it stressful.

My husband was selected to CPO (E7), and the indoctrination process is long, meant to challenge them to their breaking point, and prepare them for what it means to be a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I expected it to feel a little like a deployment, which we’ve been through and survived several times. I did not expect it to be exhausting on the entire family. Being a veteran, and no stranger to the demands the military puts on families, I should have. My bad.

It’s taken front and center of our lives, very abruptly. He needs a lot of support right now. I’ve never been one of those people who believed she was putting on her husband’s rank, but I do feel that spouses and loved ones of CPO Selectees who are here for the process are earning their dues.

It’s not the only thing that has railroaded my attention this week, but it is the only one worth mentioning. Editing the novel (WHICH HAS A TITLE NOW!) has been shuffled around burners while we find our stride in this new endeavor. I plan to rectify that over the weekend, and hope to make significant progress. So far I’m only finding one massive rewrite, but Past Brandann knew about it and left it for Present Brandann to sort. Present Brandann is not a fan of Past Brandann right now.

The Bi Bi Bi Podcast released out tenth episode today! I don’t know if I’ve ever been involved in project I’ve enjoyed so much. My co-podcasters are delightful, as well as dear friends. It feels good to be putting out something serially, and the times when we get to give honest to goodness advice or encourage other creative types are an experience I did not realise i was lacking in my life.

All in all, while we’re sailing rough waters, the crew is seasoned and prepared. We got this. Whatever challenges you’re facing this week, I believe you’ve got this, too. And if you don’t have all of it, or even any of it, right now, that’s okay. Remember to be gentle on yourselves. We can’t be, and shouldn’t be expected to be perfect all the time.

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