Did you come here on purpose?

If not, you’re here now!

After a fiasco with defunct emails, and (if I may be a little cliché) some life-altering journeys, I decided to start fresh on a new professional blog. I’ve been gone from this side of things for awhile, dealing with some personal family matters. It’s eaten up most of my energy for original projects for a couple of years. Not one to be down for long, I’ve recently hit a stride, with several things in progress and a few less completed. Basically, I’m back, baby!

I finished my first short story in some time, “Angel”, and it’s out in the world for publication, and already earning its first rejection! I’m so proud! It’s such a great feeling, watching these little guys take off into the world to, hopefully, find their fortunes! Now that this little guy is out there, I’m hoping to tease out a couple more so that I might keep multiple stories in rotation until they stick somewhere!

The real personal achievement here, though, is the novel I drafted! I did it! I finished an entire draft of a novel! If I say so myself, it’s pretty danged good! I’ve dipped my toes into Urban Fantasy/Urban Fairy Tale/Magical Realism, and I rather like it there. Editing started last week, and I am excited to say I’m learning so much about the process. It feels good. It’s a great story, very personal to me, and I’m looking forward to being able to share it, and the wonderful, overly-indulged characters in it.

I have a second installment already outlined, and brainstorming on a third completed. I am pretty pumped that I feel I have so many stories to tell for these guys. It all just needs a title. I hate titling things.

I’m also cleaning up both of my plays, No Takebacks (a one-act YA play), and Beyond Possible Harm (a full-length sci-fi/romance with androids). I’ve been hunting for homes for them, too, though the process is much different than placing short stories. I took a playwriting workshop with Mark Ravenhill, who read both plays, and essentially told me I need to shit or get off the pot with them, but in a much more polite, British phrasing. So. I am!

Finally, I’ve begun a weekly podcast with some wonderful ladies, Imogen and Claire. Bi Bi Bi is, ostensibly, an advice podcast, but really it’s an excuse for three salty auld bi wifeys to chatter about whatever we want. If you’re into podcasts, I might recommend us. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and, Google Play!

I habitually want to type, “well I guess that’s it”, but that feels like undermining everything I have in the air to juggle right now. Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll try to update this more frequently, since it will probably keep me a little more honest about all my progress.

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